Guest Night a Success!


At our first regular rehearsal in January 2023, the SenateAires hosted a Guest Night/Open House at the Salem Family YMCA, inviting all who may be interested to join us for an evening of fellowship, learning, and singing together.  We saw several former members return to the fold as well as a number of new guests.  All present were treated to an hour of learning about our craft, learning a song and a “tag” then having the opportunity to sing it together both as a group and in quartets!  Our director led us in learning a “polecat” section by section, then singing it as a group and in quartets.  Bob Martindale, our resident Tagmaster, taught a new tag to the group, and we were able to sing it as a chorus, and also in quartets.  There were refreshments, both for the body and the soul, as our voices joined together to fill the building with harmony,

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We welcome any men who enjoy camaraderie and great singing! We’re starting up the process of getting together and making great music again. If you’d like to know more, visit our Contact Page.

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