Welcome back to singing… kind of!


Just like everyone else on the planet, the SenateAires have struggled during the pandemic to stay “fresh” and engaged.  We’ve definitely missed singing in front of our friends and audiences, but just as much, we have missed being around each other and the camaraderie inherent to Barbershop singing. Thanks to the leadership of our director, we’ve been able to get together on-line via ZOOM on a weekly basis.  We’re still meeting on Thursday evenings, and going over our repertoire. Will and the music team have been making sure we know our parts – and we’ve even learned some new songs.

On a few occasions, when conditions were such that it was possible, we have been able to meet outdoors at a local school, utilizing its outdoor recreation area, open on two sides to let lots of air through, to rehearse as a group.  For most of us, this was a particularly rewarding evening as many of us have been pretty much sequestered in our homes, not venturing out except for real necessities.  Being able to see the guys face-to-face and sing with them in person – albeit socially distanced and wearing masks – was nothing short of wonderful.

Once conditions permit, we’re going to resume in-person rehearsals, to be sure.  However, until that time, we will definitely continue gathering virtually to practice our craft.  We welcome virtual visitors to our rehearsals.  If you’re interested in joining in the fun and making some awesome music, reach out to us.  It’s definitely the music that brings us together, but it’s the friendships that make us stay!

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We welcome any men who enjoy camaraderie and great singing! We’re starting up the process of getting together and making great music again. If you’d like to know more, visit our Contact Page.

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