What do you miss about singing?


When I was asked this question, I had to stop for a moment and reflect.  You see, I’m not sure that’s the right question.  I don’t miss singing – for I do it every day to some extent.  I do, however, miss singing with my brothers in harmony, and I DEFINITELY miss singing for an audience.  Yeah, there’s no doubt that I’m a bit of a “ham” in that regard.  I crave that look on people’s faces when they hear those chords ring – tapping their feet to the tunes, swaying back and forth.  It makes them feel good, and that shows on their faces with the smiles that shine back at us.

I also miss the rewarding chills that overtake us when four parts generate five notes – that overtone that warms our heart and brings a smile to everyone within earshot.  I miss the fun, the camaraderie, and the sheer joy of making a cappella music. Pure. Simple, yet complex.  Whether an upbeat ragtime, or a slow and heartfelt ballad, the joy of music unites us all and adds positivity where it was previously missing.

I also miss the storytelling that is such an integral part of our craft.  I miss the look of sheer delight when we sing a song that is familiar to our audience but sung in a way they may not have heard before.  I miss the times we can get together to cheer someone up, or to remember a love one who has crossed over that bridge to the chorus eternal.

These are the things I miss most.  What do YOU miss most?

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